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When you choose FASTLEAD, you are choosing a program that has been built on surveys of hundreds upon hundreds of frontline leaders executed by our team over the past two years.

Recent surveys we have executed are:

Managing Up

A frontline leaders’ relationship with their manager is critical to their success and sanity. In a snapshot survey conducted at the end of 2013, we asked 120 leaders at all levels in their organisation what were the largest challenges in their relationship their with boss, what tactics have they deployed to improve that relationship, and with what success, and if there were no consequences whatsoever, how three things would you like to say to your manager? It’s compelling reading: insightful in terms of what works and doesn’t work in building the report/manager relationship, and instructive in terms of describing the frustrations and mis-alignment between many managers and their reports.

You can see our short news story on the survey here.

You can contact us to get a personal briefing on the results here.

Development Needs of frontline Leaders

In a large study of more than 260 frontline leaders, we used our Development Calculator survey to gather the common development needs of frontline leaders. The survey, conducted during 2013, provided some really insightful data around the issues frontline leaders struggle with most, and some of the comments around what kept them awake at night were also lively reading.

One of the key questions we asked – what do you wish you had been told before you became a new leader – was of sufficient quality and insight that we have labelled the information “wisdom from the frontline”, and will publish a short book for frontline leaders using the content, combined with coaching tips from our coaching network. This will be available from late March 2014.

You can see our short news story on the survey here.

You can get a review copy of the “wisdom” book by contacting us here.

You can ask for a briefing on the research results from this survey by contacting us here.

You can see the Development Calculator we used to conduct the research by clicking here.

For a comprehensive briefing on FASTLEAD contact our team in Australia (1300 360 691) or Singapore (6509 1566).

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