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Frontline leadership that is “awesome”: how is FASTLEAD really different?

How do coaching pods reduce costs but increase effectiveness of frontline management courses? By doing more with less, and leveraging the new learning styles of frontline leaders.

The FASTLEAD program is designed around the realities of the new environment in which frontline management work:

  • It's delivered in coaching "pods". Each pod consists of one coach, and three frontline managers. Deploy one pod, or many – leadership development for frontline leaders doesn’t have to “wait for next years’ program” any more. Tactical deployment can take place within days of a frontline manager being promoted, or being identified as needing support.
  • Coaching is the key. Trainer led workshops don’t work anymore for millennial frontline leaders. They want to collaborate, share experiences, and spend time directly on their own real issues. Small group coaching is the perfect way to deliver on these needs.
  • It is all about feedback. The new design allows participants to focus on what works, what doesn’t, practising skills in the pods and back at the workplace, reporting back, revising approaches and going again. It’s management training via prototyping.
  • It is a multimedia, multi-style, multi-event journey. Comprising between six and eight monthly or fortnightly coaching sessions, with digital events and resources as back up, so frontline managers can learn when the want, 24x7.
  • It is social. Relationship and trust is built in the coaching pods, and forums with coaches and managers build community. Participants quickly learn that the problems they face are common, and working together to find solutions works best.
  • It is learner led. The frontline leaders decide on content. From thirteen frontline management topics, the participants choose what they want to work on, and in what order. We offer diagnostics to help them spot gaps in their skills and knowledge. (L&D teams can mandate certain topics, should they wish to.)
  • It is learner driven. Via the coached pods, frontline leaders are taught, as much as anything else, how to learn and develop themselves. We encourage them to track small wins to build confidence and learn how to learn.

As a senior HR leader making a case for the investment in these types of new programs for critical frontline leaders, the key business punch lines are very important.

In FASTLEAD’s case, these are:

  • It's cost-effective: At $2,300 - $4,000 per person (depending on pod size & 360 survey inclusions), it enables HR departments to make the case easily for a small but effective investment to the business.
  • Participants love it: 95 per cent of participants scoring the program 8 out of 10 or above on a range of measures.
  • The participants’ managers love it: they are involved along the way, and have access to all the program materials (as part of the basic price), and see instant impact and improvement in the leadership displayed by their reports.
  • It’s scalable: the FASTLEAD team can start over 100 pods per month (300 participants).
  • It’s easy to deploy and manage: you can start with 3 participants for 30, and the FASTLEAD project team organise everything so there is no extra workload on time poor internal teams.

Whether you choose to look at FASTLEAD or other similar offerings, the game has changed. What was almost impossible to make a good business case for in the past now makes complete business sense. With a small investment frontline leaders can be engaged, energised, and have leadership skills built quickly.

The benefits of frontline management courses are clear. The following business outcomes appeal to even the most cynical executive teams:

  • Productivity is boosted.
  • Proactive change-ready frontline teams are ready and capable of executing strategy.
  • There is less employee churn (leading to lower recruitment costs).
  • Higher employee engagement and development occurs because fast-developing frontline leaders cascade their development skills down to their team members.
  • Talent is retained and developed.
  • Your employee value proposition for the millennial workforce is enhanced - they are learning, and feel invested in, so they are staying.

The bottom line

The bottom line is that deploying new designs for frontline leadership development enables smart organisations – inexpensively – to leverage the power of the majority of their employees who have huge impact on company performance. Strategies get executed. Competitive positions enhanced. As millennial frontline managers would say: “awesome”.

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