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The FASTLEAD VIP section is dedicated to supporting your leadership journey in between your coaching pods.


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We encourage you to bookmark this page, and use the resources contained in this section to:



Just as in your coaching pods, the FASTLEAD journey is all about sharing thoughts, experiences and questions. We encourage you to participate to make these pages a terrific place of learning for every Fastleader by:

• Contributing to the forum – pose questions, share experiences, comment on the questions of others. Let’s make the forum a place worth visiting for inspiration, answers and suggestions every day; our FASTLEAD consultants monitor it daily …

• Contributing to the content – send us your suggestions for extra material to include on this part of the site – videos, articles, books, podcasts etc that you have found useful in helping you on your leadership journey.


Note: Only Fastleaders and coaches have access to this area of the website.



The resources in this section are designed to help you revisit, remember, embed, and really “land” your developing leadership skills. Podcasts review content of coaching pods. Additional articles/videos under each topic heading aide further thinking. Leadership development is a journey not an event.


 If you would like to complete a Development Needs Calculator, you can access it here http://www.fastlead.biz/Questionnaire.aspx








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