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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - FASTLEAD sounds complicated to organise. Is it?

No. The FASTLEAD project team organise all logistics, meetings, alerts to participants’, their managers, and the coaches. We also provide regular activity reports and updated to our clients. This will be the easily leadership program you have ever organised.

Q - Who are the FASTLEAD coaches, and are they well qualified?

HFL, the creators of FASTLEAD, have been delivering leadership training and executive coaching for over 27 years. We have selected the most consistent and well ranked coaches to service FASTLEAD, and each coach has gone through a comprehensive induction and accreditation in the program.

Q - Does FASTLEAD offer any development diagnostic tools?

Yes. We have a simple “development Calculator” which can be accessed from, and also have a customised FASTLEAD 360 multi-rator survey, which many clients execute prior to commencement of the FASTLEAD coaching pods.

Q - In which countries can FASTLEAD be delivered?

FASTLEAD can be delivered face-to-face across Australia and New Zealand. It can be delivered virtually anywhere in the world. We have recently completed a FASTLEAD pod with participants based in Sydney, Hong Kong, and London. The coach was based in Brisbane.

Q - Can FASTLEAD be delivered to a large group at once?

Several clients have chosen this option, with as many as 45 participants being started on the program at once. Our systems and processes allow this to happen seamlessly for our clients.

Q - Can FASTLEAD be customised?

It can be customised, but we usually suggest to client that they pilot the standard design first. Customisation is time consuming and expensive for both the FASTLEAD team and the client, and the most important part of customisation – making the content relevant to the particular situation of the participants – happens naturally in the coaching sessions.

Q - When you say that FASTLEAD is easy to deploy, do you really mean it??

One of the disadvantages of running small group coaching groups is that they can be high maintenance – unless of course you have the FASTLEAD team to look after you.

Typically, our clients have to choose the participants, and then everything else is organised by our team:

  • Communication. Right from the outset, we lead forums to ensure continual engagement and alignment – we call the first planning meeting, the “Settings” meeting.  Plus, we offer a standard set of communication templates for participants and their managers which you customise if you wish, no problem!
  • We plan all meetings. Our team will organise the Settings and the FASTSTART meeting, and all subsequent meetings with the participants and the coach plus any changes and all invites and follow-ups.
  • We handle all pre- and post-work. Our team send out pre-work and post-work in a timely fashion.
  • We connect with managers. Our team send out Manager Toolkits after each coaching session, allowing the manager to have a rich conversation with their participant shortly after the coaching session has taken place.
  • We arrange check-ins. All the check-ins required with managers and participants are handled by our team.
  • We take care of assessments. Want to use the FASTLEAD 360 survey? No problem! Our professional team will handle the entire execution and management of the report and arrange the feedback sessions.


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