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What does best practice frontline manager development look like?

The secret sauce: getting your 2016 strategy actually executed

As an HR Director, you had a seat at the table when current organisational strategy was forged. You lead the people and culture strategy, one that requires the human components of your organisation to be able to deliver on strategy execution.

Among these human components, frontline managers are the critical group. They typically make up 60 per cent of your leadership group. Frontline leaders directly supervise four in every five of your employees. It is the frontline leadership who must motivate and direct the workforce to execute strategy successfully.

But only 1 in 10 frontline managers get any leadership training. In most organisations they don’t understand the strategy and struggle to get their teams committed to it. How does the people and culture function fix this problem, without spending a fortune?

New insights about the changing learning styles of frontline leaders, and new development designs, are massively reducing the cost of energising the frontline.  The competitive advantage for early adopters is huge. More>>>

Frontline Leaders want Coaching not Training

450 frontline leaders have told us that the most productive development for them is quite different from what many organisations offer. What they’re looking for is personalised coaching, specific to their job situation and that adds to their skill set ... More>>>

Case Study: Talent Management, Small Group Coaching

Inchcape Australia, part of Inchcape PLC the worlds largest automotive retailer and distributor,  made a strategic decision 18 months ago to use an innovative, small group coaching solution to develop 44 frontline leaders. TERESA DEWDNEY, GROUP LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT MANAGER AT INCHCAPE, explains the reasoning behind the solution selection and shares the results. More>>>

Frontline leadership that is “awesome”: how is FASTLEAD really different?

How do new designs reduce costs but increase effectiveness of frontline management courses? By doing more with less, and leveraging the new learning styles of frontline leaders. More>>>

Why are participants loving FASTLEAD?

It is not surprising that participants love this new design for frontline management courses. Fastlead’s small group coaching design was their idea. What follows are a few of the many individual responses from some of the 250 frontline leaders who have experienced FASTLEAD. You’ll see participants refer to “pods”, which are the central design (one coach, three frontline leaders in two hour sessions, usually six to eight sessions per program cycle). More>>>

The 8 principles of small group coaching

Small group coaching is “very different” from one to one coaching

 “In the past three years of running hundreds of small group coaching sessions via our frontline leader leadership development program FASTLEAD, we’ve discovered that small group coaching is very different from one to one coaching,” explained Fastlead Master coach, Dominic Johnson. “It is part facilitation, part coaching, and part action coach.

“We decided that in order to help our Accredited FASTLEAD coaches, we needed to document key principles, and we ended up with the eight principles of small group coaching.” More>>>


Developing Frontline Management

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Cutting the cost of frontline management courses by half


Under-investment in frontline management training is commonplace, because the cost of delivery has traditionally been so high on a per capita basis. But innovative approaches to design for frontline training are changing the equation. It’s become twice as affordable and more effective at the same time. More>>>


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Developing Frontline Management
Developing Frontline Management
Developing Frontline Management