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A-Z of Leadership Success

Practical management wisdom for emerging leaders

A-Z Book ImageThis unique concept book shares the accumulated wisdom from hundreds of achievers for a short cut to leadership success.

It is a plain English, easy read, full of killer management tactics. Some of its practical lessons are common sense – once you see them in black and white! Some are counter intuitive – and all the more important for being so.

There are eye opening pages on how manage: the boss, difficult people, underperformers, friendships, team goals and motivation, and the loneliness and stresses of leadership.

The A to Z of Leadership Success grew from a survey of emerging leaders in Australia, New Zealand and into Asia. The question which asked “What do you wish you had known at the beginning of your management career”, elicited an extraordinary list of insights.

Specialist leadership consultants at HFL compiled these responses and added their advice about the things that are best to do, and those that are best to avoid, for leadership success. No theory, only the sharing of real world wisdom.

The authors, Jennifer Scott, Alistair Gordon and Lyanne Coley boast a combined 75 years of business and leadership experience. At HFL they help emerging and senior leaders develop the skilled disciplines to drive their management performance.


“For a new leader, this book is an essential, easy read. It’s a great practical way to deliver all the messages. I’m buying copies for each of my managers.”

- Deputy Managing Director, Financial Services Sector

A-Z Leadership Primers

How to write personal growth plans: A do-it-yourself guide

Critical message: if your personal growth plan (PGP) isn’t close to hand, regularly referred to, and clearly understood by yourself and your manager, your personal growth as an employee and lead..

How we really feel about feedback

Years ago, at a conference in the US, I met with a statistician who was responsible for processing all of the 360-degree feedback responses associated with a 78-question leadership questionnaire. ..

Giving Effective Feedback

Giving effective feedback is a very important management skill. It’s a powerful tool when used to highlight blindspots and potential development areas. While giving positive feedback should be r..

Situational Leadership

You already know that leadership requires you to be involved in a variety of situations; working with others for multiple purposes; and to influence the thinking and behaviours of teams and individual..

Understanding Vision and Mission

There is much confusion between the definition of a Vision and that of a Mission. So what’s the difference and is it even important for an emerging leader to understand? One charac..

Emotional Intelligence

How we feel affects how we behave - it’s that simple. The neuroscience of emotions tells us that the way you feel, will influence the decisions you make and the behaviour you display. This helps us to..

How People Learn Differently

People learn differently, both in terms of their preferred learning style and how quickly they are able to take on board new concepts and skills. You’ll need to understand how you and your team member..

How to Handle Stress

As an emerging leader you are under a lot of pressure. You need to get your own work done, your team needs you, and your manager needs you. There are demands coming at you left, right and centre. ..

Leading People Through Change

Based on the work of Kubler Ross on the stages of grieving, a model known as ‘The Change Curve’ has been developed to explain the journey that your people are likely to experience, emotion..

The 4 Types of Unconscious Bias

It is important to recognise and value the diversity and differences that exist within an organisation and to leverage these. Greater inclusion in the workplace has been shown to drive higher engageme..

The Leadership Pipeline

The leadership pipeline explains why we struggle when we change role, particularly in the early months of a promotion. Its lessons help you better understand and manage leadership transitions. ..

Using GROW to Make Sensible Decisions

The GROW Model is a widely used tool applied to planning conversations, particularly in the coaching context. It provides a clear and logical structure for the parties in a conversation to explore an ..

Why Sharing Mistakes Works

So many corporations allow environments to develop where mistakes are seen as a sign of incompetence and an error of judgement can stop a career in its tracks. As a result, mistakes are hidden or blam..

Active Listening

Communicating effectively is difficult, yet it is such an important skill for every emerging leader – in fact, for every leader. Active listening is a vital component of communication and crucial to y..

Addressing Difficult Situations

It doesn’t matter whether it is a difficult situation, a difficult person, a difficult conversation, or even a difficult manager, your ability as an emerging leader to handle the difficult will define..

The Translating Strategy Interview

Many organisations have a strategy – owned and known well by the senior leadership. But when it comes to emerging leaders running front line teams, strategy can seem very distant and irrelevant to day..

Mastering managing up

Critical message: Understanding how your manager gets measured is a critical success factor in managing up well. As a company, we have more than 200 individual leaders – at all lev..

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